[Pg i] PEARLS OF THOUGHT. BY MATURIN M. BALLOU, AUTHOR OF THE “TREASURY OF THOUGHT,” “HISTORY OF CUBA,” “BIOGRAPHY OF HOSEA BALLOU,” ETC., ETC. Infinite riches in a little room.—Marlowe. BOSTON: HOUGHTON, MIFFLIN AND COMPANY. The Riverside Press, Cambridge. 1881.[Pg ii] Copyright, 1880, By MATURIN M. BALLOU. All rights reserved. The Riverside Press, Cambridge: Electrotyped and … Continue reading


[1] GENERAL SCIENCE BY BERTHA M. CLARK, PH.D. HEAD OF THE SCIENCE DEPARTMENT WILLIAM PENN HIGH SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, PHILADELPHIA       NEW YORK – CINCINNATI – CHICAGO AMERICAN BOOK COMPANY 1912         [3] PREFACE This book is not intended to prepare for college entrance examinations; it will not, in fact, … Continue reading

With Christ in the School of Prayer

With Christ in the School of Prayer by Andrew Murray WITH CHRIST In the School of Prayer Thoughts on Our Training for the Ministry of Intercession BY REV. ANDREW MURRAY Lord, teach us to pray. NEW YORK CHICAGO TORONTO Fleming H. Revell Company Publishers of Evangelical Literature. PREFACE. —-0—- Of all the promises connected with … Continue reading

Nationalism, by Rabindranath Tagore

WORKS BY SIR RABINDRANATH TAGORE GITANJALI (Song Offerings). With Introduction by W. B. Yeats and Portrait. Cr. 8vo. 4s. 6d. net. FRUIT-GATHERING. (A Sequel to “Gitanjali.”) Cr. 8vo. 4s. 6d. net. THE CRESCENT MOON. Child-Poems. With 8 Illustrations in Colour. Pott 4to. 4s. 6d. net. THE GARDENER. Poems. With Portrait. Cr. 8vo. 4s. 6d. net. STRAY BIRDS. Poems. With Frontispiece by Willy Pogány. … Continue reading

Old Plantation Days, by Mrs. N. B. De Saussure

Transcriber’s Note: Obvious typographical errors have been corrected. Inconsistent spelling and hyphenation in the original document have been preserved. OLD PLANTATION DAYS OLD PLANTATION DAYS BEING RECOLLECTIONS OF SOUTHERN LIFE BEFORE THE CIVIL WAR BY Mrs. N. B. De Saussur NEW YORK DUFFIELD & COMPANY 1909 Copyright, 1909, by N. B. DE SAUSSURE THE TROW … Continue reading

The Hundred News, Volume II by Various

Note sur la Transcription L’orthographe d’origine a été conservée et n’a pas été harmonisée. Les erreurs clairement introduites par le typographe ont été corrigées. Une liste d’autres corrections faites se trouve à la fin du livre. LES CENT NOUVELLES NOUVELLES Paris, imprimé par Guiraudet et Jouaust, 338, rue S.-Honoré, avec les caractères elzeviriens de P. Jannet. LES CENT NOUVELLES NOUVELLES Publiées … Continue reading

Ingeborg, by Bernhard Kellermann

Ingeborg Roman von Bernhard Kellermann Sechste Auflage S. Fischer, Verlag, Berlin 1907 Alle Rechte, insbesondere das der Übersetzung, vorbehalten. Published, February 6, 1906. Privilege of copyright in the United States reserved under the act approved March 3, 1905, by S. Fischer, Verlag, Berlin. 1 un wohne ich in einer Hütte, die inmitten der weiten Steppe … Continue reading


PRICE, TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. No. 1. SERIAL. August, 1861. Fuller’s Modern Age. DEVOTED TO Sermons, Orations, Lectures, Popular Correspondence, &c. THE CIVIL   WAR   IN   AMERICA; BY WM.   H.   RUSSELL,   LL.D., Special Correspondent of the London Times. BOSTON: GARDNER A. FULLER, 112 WASHINGTON STREET. LONDON: Trubner & Co., 60 Paternoster Row. S T … Continue reading